WIDE is dedicated to developing unique, innovative display solutions that drive the future in medical imaging technology. WIDE’s Medical Imaging display ensure Maximum Precision with cutting edge technology and are lined up the PACS, Mammography, Clinical review and Surgical

Triple Solutions For Women’s Healthcare

WIDE offers multiple choices for mamography imaging display solutions in a tomosynthesis and color mammography workflow. It has been designed with excellent image uniformity, optimum viewing angles and high performance image processing.

Color Digital Mammography- CX50N

Digital Mammography- MX50N 

Mammo tomosynthesis- MX50T

Diagnostic Displays

WIDE’s PACS displays are specially designed for the PACS system and lined up 2, 3, 5 megapixel color and monochrome display monitor. They are compliant with DICOM Part 14.

Diagnostic Color Display- CX30N, CX20N

Diagnostic Grayscale Display- MX30N

Multi-Modality Diagnostic Displays

Ultra high brightness and contrast, with a large 29” screen for bezel-free viewing, brings multi-modality and diagnostic display to the top of the list for diagnostic imaging. Built-in dual IQ Sensors, coupled with network calibration software, helps automate critical QA/QC testing, reporting, alerting and historical tracking.

Multi Modality Color Display- CW60

Modality & Clinical Displays

WIDE’s modality displays offer powerful video image processing. The line features motion adaptive de-interlacing, dynamic edge enhancement, spatial noise reduction and low-angle/jaggy-free motion video images.

Modality Color LCD Display- CX10p

Modality Grayscale LCD Display- MX10p

Modality Color LED Display- CX10N

Clinical Review Color Display- CL24s


Meet your fetus with VR

VR Fetus is a product which allows the parents to view their fetus using VR instead of a monitor. By wearing the VR equipment, parents will be able to see the face of the baby examined by the 4D ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. They can view the baby in various angles. Besides that, they can view their fetus in 3D with clinical data of the precise week reflected in the model.


  • Easy to install- Just connect the device into the HDMI video port and insert a wireless video transmitter. After that, wear the VR device and watch the video of fetus
  • It provides life-like videos of fetus
  • It saves the video into a USB memory- You can view it on your smartphone APP and even share the videos to friends and family.

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