The Management Team

Soo Shang Yew, Managing Director
Soo Shang Yew
Managing Director

He has experience spanning 20 years in building and driving business development for many agencies like Illumina, BioRad, Roche LifeScience, Strategen, Amersham etc. Equipped with this, added with a vision and an immense drive he has steered the Company to become a leading genomics Company to ensure that business stays ahead of major competitors with strategic business planning and execution. He believes in getting a deeper insight into the customers research needs and to provide solutions to researchers by bridging the gap between technology and research and elevate it to the next level.

Jennifer Lim Sui Imm, Finance and Operations Director
Jennifer Lim Sui Imm
Finance and Operations Director

In charge of Operations and Finance. She has more than 15 years experience in Banking and Finance and Operations with 2 leading Banks in Malaysia.  In addition to ensuring regulatory, tax and audit compliance, her role is to implement and oversee the financial controls and systems of the business by identifying and recommending potential operational efficiencies and improvements on work practices and procedures to ensure optimum results. She believes in talent management to optimize performance as the key to any organization’s success.

Bennar Foong, Senior Manager
Bennar Foong
General Manager

Trained in phylogenetics and with a strong interest in disruptive scientific technologies. He is responsible in overseeing the business operations of the company and is experienced in developing and implementing business strategies that utilizes genomics and bioinformatics tools. With the growing applications of next generation sequencing, his role also includes developing new applications and opportunities in the Clinical Sequencing and Applied Markets.

Commercial Team

Providing consultation on research solutions tailored for customers’ needs and developing marketing strategies and activities for the product portfolio.

Application Scientist

Roadmap development and implementation of targeted applications in the next generation sequencing and arrays market.

Field Application Specialist

Using their technical expertise to provide a technical advisory and support network that complements customers’ end-to-end training and consulting services

Field Service Engineers

Equipped to ensure the proper installation and maintenance of equipment and systems. They ensure that things run smoothly again for customers


Knowing the ins and outs of the company. Our operations team ensures that the business run as a well-oiled machine.

Implementing good work practices and improvements on financial or logistic mechanism at a time


Bio Marketeers enable the commercial team by developing marketing strategies and activities for the product

portfolio as well as annual in-house activities to ensure a holistic working environment for the team


Providing data analysis services and consultation and actively involved in collaborative projects.

Core expertise include pipeline development and bioinformatics training.