Implen is a leading supplier for innovative spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra-low volume liquid samples. The Implen NanoPhotometer® family provides the best class products in microvolume and cuvette UV/VIS spectroscopy that offer unmatched performance to its users supporting the work flows in modern research.

Microvolume & Cuvette SpectroscopyNanoPhotometer® Comparison

NanoPhotometer® Family

Microvolume and Cuvette UV/VIS Spectroscopy

  • Accurate and Reliable Measurements in 0.3 µl
    Due to the Sample Compression Technology™ the sample drop is formed to a stable capillary film between two quartz surfaces. This guarantees accurate and reliable results for standard samples as nucleic acids and proteins as well as for challenging samples like volatile solvents or samples with low surface tension.
  • Recalibration Free
    The unique True Path Technology™ guarantees precise path lengths setting due to two fixed anchor points. No drift over lifetime.
  • Reconditioning Free
    Durable, inert and metal free surfaces provide easy to clean, scratch resistant surfaces with no need for reconditioning.
  • Applications
    Nucleic Acids, Protein UV, Protein Assays, Kinetics, OD600, Wavelength, Wavescan, Absorbance/Ratio, Concentration and Customized Apps
  • No Evaporation
    Protected microenvironment reduces evaporation to a minimum during the measurement. Allows reliable measurements for challenging samples like low surface tension protein samples or samples in volatile solvents.
  • Confidence with Blank
    The automatic Blank Control™ protects the user from wasting time and precocious sample on inaccurate readings caused by high background blanks or inappropriate cleaning.
  • Printing
    The NanoPhotometer® supports Dymo and HP printers which are connected via USB cable to the NanoPhotometer®.
  • Flexible Unit Control
    via optional touchscreen, computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Battery Powered
    Up to 8 hours battery operation

Technology Made in Germany
The NanoPhotometer® is designed by German engineers. Production site with final quality control is at our headquarters in Munich. Implen GmbH is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the NanoPhotometer® complies with IEC 61010-1, safety requirements for electrical equipment.

NanoPhotometer® Comparison

Model NP80 N60 N50 C40
  NanoVolume and Cuvette applications NanoVolume applications NanoVolume applications Cuvette applications
   NP80.jpg  N60  N50 C40
Full Spectrum Scan 200 – 900 nm 200 – 900 nm 200 – 650 nm 200 – 900 nm
Detection Range NanoVolume dsDNA: 1 – 16,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.03 – 478 mg/ml
dsDNA: 1 – 16,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.03 – 478 mg/ml
dsDNA: 5 – 7,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.15 – 217 mg/ml
Detection Range Cuvette dsDNA: 0.1 – 130 ng/µl
BSA: 0.003 – 3.7 mg/ml
 N  N dsDNA: 0.1 – 130ng/µl
BSA: 0.003 – 3.7 mg/ml
Measurement Time 3.5 – 6.0 s 3.5 – 6.0 s 6 – 10 s 3.5 s
Nano Volume Y Y  Y Optional
Cuvette Option Y N  N Y
Integrated Vortex Y Y  N  N
Battery Pack Optional Optional  N Optional
Touchscreen Optional Optional Optional Optional