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The SAFESeqr solution includes the SAFESeqr Kit and SAFESeqr Suite. The SAFESeqr solution delivers a robust and fast method in detection of eukaryotic DNA using high-output and massive parallel sequencing. Combining SAFESeqr Kit’s one-step PCR library preparation workflow and the Illumina MiSeq next-generation sequencing platform, the SAFESeqr solution is capable of detecting and resolving complex low-level sample mixtures while requiring just 2 ng of input DNA. The sequencing data can then be easily analyzed, visualized and reported using the SAFESeqr Suite analysis software.

SAFESeqr Kit

Key Features:

  • Minimal starting input of 2 ng.
  • Able to detect mixture components in sample.
  • Ability to identify < 0.05 % minor contributor.
  • Limit of detection as low as 0.001 ng / 0.1 pg.

SAFESeqr Suite

Key Features:

  • User-friendly: Data to report in four clicks
  • Comprehensive database
  • Ready-to-print report

Kit Specifications

SAFESeqr kit contains both forward and reverse primers with 96 index combinations for 96 reactions. SAFESeqr kit is to be stored at -20˚C.

SAFESeqr Suite comes in two options: the SAFESeqr Suite, which consists of an annual license for one computer; and the SAFESeqr Suite Box, which consists of an annual license for one computer with compatible computing hardware.

Contact Information

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