Nucleic Acid Extraction

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Chemagic Prepito

The Chemagic Prepito is based on Revvity’s proven technology for magnetic bead based DNA/RNA isolation. In combination with the Prepito Kits, it delivers a high yield of pure DNA/RNA and ensures the success of sensitive reseach downstream applications like NGS, MLPA, Genotyping, Chip Based Applications and many more. 

  • High quality DNA/RNA (OD 260/280 1.8, OD 260/230 > 2.0) – suitable for NGS, MLPA, Genotyping
  • Chip Based Applications, PCR and many more
  • Ready to use DNA/RNA – up to 10 µg DNA/250 µl blood
  • Sample volumes up to 1 ml, 1 – 12 samples/run
  • Huge kit portfolio – whole blood, saliva, serum/plasma etc.
  • Cost efficient – use of standard plastic devices and on-line buffer dispensing instead of expensive cartridges
  • Quality assurance – bar code reading/sample tracking and LIMS compatible log files

Chemagic 360

The Chemagic 360 is a Nucleic Acid Extrator for Medium to High Throughput. Based on Revvity patented chemagen magnetic bead technology the chemagic 360 system represents the ideal solution for nucleic acid isolation in a huge variety of research market segments including but not limited to Biobanking/Human Genetics, HLA Typing, Virus and Bacteria Detection. 

Key features:

  • Sample volumes from 10 µl – 10 ml
  • High throughput
  • Huge kit portfolio – whole blood, saliva, serum/plasma etc.
  • No cross contamination
  • Revolutionary compact benchtop design


QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution

Simple, rapid extraction of PCR-ready DNA for screening and genotyping type applications

  • Fast: 8 minute extraction protocol for most sample types
  • Simple: No centrifugation steps of spin columns used to help increase yields
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol integrated easily into automated workflows
  • Safe: Uses only non-toxic reagents

QuickExtract FFPE DNA Extraction Kit

Simple, rapid extraction of PCR-ready DNA from challenging FFPE samples

  • Fast: PCR-ready DNA in minutes, not days
  • Simple: No spin columns or transfer steps which helps increase yields
  • Compatible: Extracted DNA is compatible with both real-time and endpoint PCR
  • Safe: No xylene or phenol extractions used

QuickExtract Plant DNA Extraction Solution

Rapid and efficient extraction of PCR-ready genomic DNA from plant leaf samples

  • Fast: PCR-ready DNA in about 8 minutes for most samples
  • Simple: No bead-beating, freezing, or grinding of plant leaf material
  • Increased yields: No centrifugation or spin columns used which reduce yields
  • Compatible: Extracted DNA is compatible with both real-time and endpoint PCR 
  • Safe: Non toxic reagents used throughout the procedure

QuickExtract RNA Extraction Kit

Rapid extraction of RT-PCR-ready RNA from cultured mammalian cells

  • Fast: Extract end-point and real-time RT-PCR ready RNA in minutes from low to high numbers of samples
  • Simple: Single tube protocol
  • Compatible: Extracted RNA is compatible with both real-time and endpoint RT-PCR 
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol makes incorporation into an automated workflow easy
  • Flexible: A Dnase I digestion step can be added for sensitive downstream applications when necessary
  • Safe: Non toxic reagents used throughout the procedure


MasterPure Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit

Quickly purify high yields of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA or Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) with one kit. 


  • Fast: Purify Total Nucleic Acid (TNA), DNA or RNA in 30-60 minutes
  • Safe: Does not use hazardous phenol, chloroform or guanidine
  • High Purity: A260/A280 ratios consistently between 1.8 and 2.0
  • High Yields: Improves yields by avoiding the use of columns which often reduce nucleic acid yields
  • Versatile: Purify TNA, genomic DNA, total RNA, FFPE RNA, or both genomic DNA and total RNA from a sample
  • Total RNA Recovery: Purify both large and small (e.g., miRNA) RNA for RNA-Seq or qRT-PCR
  • Proven: Hundreds of citations for purification of DNA and RNA from dozens of sample types for use in many applications.

MasterPure DNA Purification Kit for Blood Version II

Easily purify high quality genomic DNA from whole blood or buffy coat


  • Scalable purification of gDNA from blood
  • Consistent yields of up to 10 µg of DNA from 325 µL of whole blood and approximately 100 µg DNA from 600 µL of buffy coat
  • High purity gDNA with A260/A280  ratios of 1.8-2.0 making the DNA suitable for most downstream molecular biology applications including PCR and sample archiving
  • Fast protocol completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Improved yields by avoiding the use of columns
  • Better safety since no hazardous organic solvents are used

MasterPure Gram Positive DNA Purification Kit

Purify genomic DNA from challenging Gram positive bacteria for a wide variety of molecular biology applications


  • Produces clean, high molecular weight genomic DNA ready for PCR and other molecular biology applications such as restriction digestion, cloning, and Southern blotting
  • Scaleable method for large sample volumes with no wasting of reagents with smaller samples
  • Complete kit includes lysozyme; no separate purchase required 
  • Robust kit works on a variety of tested species
  • Flexible kit also purifies gDNA from Gram negative bacteria

MasterPure Yeast DNA Purification Kit

Obtain high yields of quality DNA from yeast with this easy to use kit


  • Fast: Obtain purified DNA in less than 40 mintues
  • Flexible: Purify DNA from a wide variety of yeast species, including Candida, Saccharomyces, Pichia, and Schizosaccharomyces, and filamentous fungi such as Aspergillus and Penicilium
  • Scaleable method for large sample volumes with no wasting of reagents with smaller samples
  • High quality DNA: Purify high molecular weight genomic DNA that is ready to use in many molecular biology applications, including PCR amplification, restriction endonuclease digestion, Southern blotting, genomic library preparation and fungal identification and typing
  • High yields: Purify more yeast genomic DNA than other commercially available kits
  • Simple: No enzymatic lysis, bead beating, columns, phenol or other organic solvents are used

MasterPure Yeast RNA Purification Kit

Safe, fast purification of high quality RNA from multiple species of yeast


  • Safe: Avoids the use of dangerous hot acid phenol
  • Fast: Quicker protocol that methods using pheroplasting
  • High Quality RNA: RNA quality exceeds that obtained by beat beating protocol and is ready for use in downstream applications such as RT-PCR and microarray analysis
  • Excellent Yields: Yields 25-50 µg RNA from 1 ml of mid-log S.cerevisiae
  • Complete: All the necessary reagents are supplied with no need to purchase extra equipment

FosmidMAX DNA Purification Kit

Easy, reliable isolation of high-quality fosmid DNA

  • Isolate up to 0.6, 15, or 25 µg of fosmid DNA from 1.5-, 40-, or 100-ml cultures of a single-copy fosmid, respectively, with an easy to use protocol
  • Maximize yields because the FosmidMAX kit does not use columns or binding resins that reduce yields
  • Reduce costs by using only the reagents you need based on the amount of DNA being purified
  • Purify DNA from single-copy fosmid clones, induced CopyControl fosmid and cosmid clones
  • Reduce waste and use of hazardous reagents because no columns or toxic organic solvents are used

Buffers and Reagents

Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dependent DNase

Remove contaminating bacterial chromosomal DNA from plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC preps

  • Digest contaminating linear DNA without digesting nicked or closed-circular dsDNA or supercoiled DNA (plasmids, fosmids, etc.)
  • Use as a final purification step for plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC vector and clone preparations
  • Utilize whenever protecting circular dsDNA is important

Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution

Lyse Gram positive or Gram negative bacteria for protein or nucleic acid purifications from bacteria

  • Highly Active: This enzyme is 200X more active than egg white lysozyme, thus improving bacterial lysis and using less enzyme
  • Easy: No sample agitation or heat generation necessary during lysis which helps preserve protein function
  • Flexible: Usuage volumes are easily adjusted based on the scale of the experiment

Proteinase K

Digest proteins during DNA and RNA purification or inactivate enzymes

  • Robust: Proteinase K is a highly stable protease that is active in most buffers including those with SDS and urea
  • Flexible: Use in applications outside of the MasterPure™ Kits including (i) isolation of plasmids and high molecular weight gDNA, purification of intact RNA, and inactivation of Rnases, Dnases and other enzymes in molecular biology reactions

Terminator 5′-Phosphate-Dependent Exonuclease

A processive 5′ to 3′ riboexonuclease that specifically digests RNA with 5′-monophosphate ends

  • Specific: Processively digests RNA with 5´-monophosphate ends but not RNAs with 5´-triphosphate, 5´-cap or 5´-hydroxyl groups starting from the 5´ end
  • Flexible: Use this enzyme to help characterize 5´-ends of RNA and to enrich for mRNA in prokaryotic or eukaryotic total RNA preparations

RiboGuard RNase Inhibitor

RNA is precious. Protect it with this high quality, effective RNase inhibitor. This recombinant Rnase inhibitor protein provides reliable protection of valuable RNA samples by binding strongly to Rnases in a 1:1 ratio. Advanced purification protocols and extensive quality control tests ensure RiboGuard Rnase Inhibitor is free of unwanted contaminants that can plague other commercially available preparations of Rnase inhibitors. 

  • Inhibit RNase A, RNase B and RNase C
  • Prevent RNA degradation and protect your precious samples