ScienceVision Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 2007, we have grown to become one of the most reputable scientific solution providers through our deep understanding of the market requirements and the innovative and progressive ways in representing the brands that we have. At ScienceVision, we take pride in becoming the catalyst in increasing the technology adoption by becoming the active link between our customers and the technology.
We are a team of highly motivated individuals with the aim of increasing the utilization and adoption of the latest genomics solutions through the creation of an ecosystem that comprises molecular biology tools, next generation sequencing and genome informatics
We are a strong believer in market development through scientific collaboration and our passion in science is demonstrated in various international scientific publications bearing our name. And this is only possible through the exciting setup of our unique teams of talented bioinformaticians and genome scientists.
Talent development is key to our growth. With our continuous leadership program, we have successfully created a high competency commercial and service & support team. And our scientific drive is parallel with our growing passion which has resulted in the successful development of key applications with regional utilization.
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