Clinical Reporting

Next-Generation Sequencing and arrays generate a vast amount of data. We offers a few solutions to simplify analysis and help you easily obtain data information that you need.
SOPHiA GENETICSPierianDxIllumina


SaaS Analytics Platform for Clinical Genomics

SOPHiA GENETICS  has built the World’s Largest Clinical Genomics Community with hundreds of institutions participating in the democratization of Data-Driven Medicine. SOPHiA DDM enables knowledge sharing among users, any patient genomic profile analyzed will contribute to better diagnose and treat similar ones in the world.


  • Fast turnaround time- Date ready in 2 hours
  • >99.99% sensitivity and specificity
  • Secure data storage and encryption


PierianDx solves the problem of translating complex genomic data into actionable clinical insight to advance precision medicine. This is done through a cloud-based clinical genomics software platform, the Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW), that simplifies the process of taking DNA sequencing data through analysis and interpretation to a final clinical report.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter

Illumina BaseSpace Variant Interpreter enables genetic labs to rapidly identify biologically significant variants from human genomic data. 

Key features: 

  • Streamlined Interpretation and Reporting – Pathogenicity autoscoring and automatic recording, tracking and management of classified variants help streamline the interpretation process.
  • Rapid, Rich, Accurate Annotation– Access a rich repository of genotype-phenotype associations to expedite interpretation of the biological impact of variants of interest
  • Support for Compliance– Built upon Amazon Web Services that are ISO 27001 certified, Variant Interpreter is designed to support compliance with data security, version control, and traceability