Illumina Seminar Series 2012 – Illumina Next Generation Sequencing, Real Science Enabled Today

28th May 2012, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Selangor

Backed by over 2,300 peer-reviewed publications, Illumina’s proven technology delivers rapid, highly accurate results. All with the simplest integrated experimental workflow from sample to biological answer. Illumina technology continues to fuel new advancements in many biological areas, allowing researchers to obtain real results now and be first to publication. Through the shared experience of scientists, discover how Illumina sequencing can help you unlock new discoveries in clinical, microbial and agricultural research today.

Covered in this seminar:

  • Next generation sequencing applications for clinical and translational research
  • Advantages of MiSeq and Nextera in an extensive comparison with the latest Ion Torrent chemistry
  • The MiSeq® personal sequencer, ideal for small genomes, small RNA, targeted resequencing of up 36,864 amplicons in a single run
  • HiSeq® 2500 system – a “Genome in a Day”
  • Data analysis solutions that remove the need for high powered computational hardware