Genostar is a bioinformatics company specializing in solutions for biological data analysis from genome to metabolome. Its software, data and services facilitate a knowledge-based approach to prediction and understanding of cellular processes.

Metabolic Pathway Builder

Metabolic Pathway Builder is a software and data platform that enables fast, accurate annotation & comparative analysis of multiple organisms and strains. MPB provides you with an efficient, rapid, and largely automated pipeline for functional and comparative annotation and pathway analysis.

Key features:

  • Visualisation and tools for data manipulation
  • Gene prediction
  • Functional annotation
  • Comparative annotation/comparative genomics
  • Metabolic pathway analysis and exploration
  • Alignment and phylogeny
  • Blast and database search

We recommend Metabolic Pathway Builder for researchers aiming to annotate and analyse newly sequenced bacteria genomes with the integration of MicroB database.

MicroB Database

The largest integrated database of complete microbial genomes

In MicroB, biochemical data are directly connected to genomic and proteic annotations. This network of connections between genomes, proteomes and pathways enables you to quickly discover relationships, reconstruct metabolic systems and improve understanding of cellular processes.

Key Features:

  • Access reference data from major public and private databases
  • Add your own genomes in complete security and confidentiality
  • Available through a remote connection, or hosted in-house
  • Fully integrated in all Genostar services and software

We recommend MicroB for researchers interested in comparing their own sequenced microbial genomes with the reference genomes that comes with MicroB.